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Puzzle Mode



Title: Matrix Attack ( Winner of the year 2000 IGF student showcase award )
Team: Eli Emerson, Greg Morchower, Max Szlagor, Andy Kaplin, Tim Berry.


A 3D action puzzle game where you can play in either time trial mode or puzzle mode. The board is cleared by cleverly manipulating combinations of gems into formations of five or more of the same color. Quick reflexes and a sharp mind are required to master the goodness that is Matrix Attack.

You should be able to download Matrix Attack from the DigiPen downloads section.



We used OpenGL for hardware mode and DirectDraw for software mode. DirectPlay was used for networking while in multiplayer mode. Before starting a multiplayer game even we had chat rooms and lobbys just like blizzards' battle.net. We also incorporated a particle system as well as a menu system.


What I Learned:

Matrix Attack was the first 3D game I worked on. The gems were rasterized in 3D at all times, while everything else was a 2D overlay. I must mention that having both the hardware, and software render modes was defiantly a learning experience for me. 

Out of all the games I have worked on here at DigiPen, this game received the most praise. I had no idea that Matrix Attack would become so well received by everyone. It was even granted the year 2000 IGF student showcase award! Our team is very honored, and would like to thank everyone who played the game as well as those who helped make Matrix Attack possible.

Check out the particle engine lovin!
Puzzle Mode yet again.